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I'm Masahiko Amano. Nickname H1K0. The Prince of Fun that likes making and mixing music, coding and taking photos... Just having fun all the time :)
Composer, arranger, mix engineer, vocalist... Well, just in charge of music in ZingerS.

Masahiko AMANO @H1K0

19, Male

Composer, arranger,

Moscow, Russia

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i think it is because you need to be scouted first. from what i know you need to be scouted by another member of the audio community on NG otherwise it doesn't work. it can also be that your work is sampled work and then the game doesn't allow it or it didn't pass the approvel procces (what is appearintly a thing) you can find that in the audio file with publication details. if that is not the case mabey you could ask @TomFulp he usually reacts and helps out when needed. anyway i hope you can find a selution to this. Good luck and i hope this helped a bit ^^ (but i am not an expert but that is what i found ^^ )

I've been scouted 2 years ago, so this is not a problem. But what do you mean sampled work?

If you were scouted on Newgrounds after a certain date, Robtop himself has to allow your account to have songs in GD. So you will probably have to contact Robtop to use them or use a different song.

@NyanaCreation @H1K0 it means that parts of the audio are not yours and are from other things like audio clips from the program itself. most of the details you can find in the audio upload thingy so if you haven't read that please read it carefully. if your not sure there are NG rules you can find that go in full detail in that kind of thing.

you have to be in the whitelist. my account was in the whitelist until I changed my name.

The same thing. So can I and how to return to the whitelist, you know?

@H1K0 you have to ask @RobTop