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Awesome track but why no download?

dexarson responds:

Encourages streaming :)

Спасибо за публикацию! Классно поработали! :D

That's a masterpiece! As always, actually. The style and sound design is similar to Relentless and Absent. You said that you're going back to the styles of your earlier years, well, I don't think so. I think it's your new style you invented this year. So, keep working in this style! I love it, it's very original and unusual!
Especcialy I love your creepy basses. Did you make it yourself? I'd like to make the similar basses, but it's not my style, actually. My style is bright, happy and light.
So yeah, awesome song! Keep working this way!

Hey, Waterflame!
I wanna say that you surpassed yourself this year! My favorite songs by you changed three times this year (I mean Below, Boneyard and Striker) and I think now changes the fourth time. Before this year my favorites by you changed about once in a year. Your skills are growing up faster and faster! And I'm very proud of that I'm your fan! I hope and actually I'm sure that in the next year you'll make a REAL MASTERPIECE that will conquer the world! I wish you become a world famous the best composer ever! Cuz you really are the best!
Looking for your masterpiece tracks the next year!
Happy late Christmas and New Year! Wish you all the best I can wish!

But what's the melody synth on 01:10?

Cool! Simple but interesting! Is it a recorded piano or have you made it in any musical program?

hardcorescm responds:

hi - thanks for your comment, sorry for the delay in replying
track was made with a piano VST in cubase, i recorded me playing on a controller keyboard

Awesome! Wish it would be longer but all in all it's cool!

lipytu11 responds:


Awesome! But I think if the drums were softer it would sound like nearly masterpiece!

Nice! Simple and relaxing.

Nice. But a bit boring. Only melody (piano, leads) and a soft bass sound so lonely. :-)
As me, adding more synths - especcially basses - makes the composition more filled and softer. I usually use at least 3 basses. And maybe if there was more bass here it would sound not so boring and lonely.
No offense, if you don't think that I'm right. It's just an advice. :D

jjoon responds:

Thanks to advice :)
I will more effort for make next song

I'm Masahiko Amano. Nickname H1K0. The Prince of Fun that likes making and mixing music, coding and taking photos... Just having fun all the time :)
Composer, arranger, mix engineer, vocalist... Well, just in charge of music in ZingerS.

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