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I'm Masahiko Amano. Nickname H1K0. The Prince of Fun that likes making and mixing music, coding and taking photos... Just having fun all the time :)
Composer, arranger, mix engineer, vocalist... Well, just in charge of music in ZingerS.

Masahiko AMANO @H1K0

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Composer, arranger,

Moscow, Russia

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H1K0's News

Posted by H1K0 - September 18th, 2016

Thinking about a new nickname for already 4 MONTHS!

If you remember, I think G14V is stupid and I gonna change it, but I cannot invent something really awesome. (Maybe cuz I'm not awesome) :-)

I wanna invent something, that expresses what my music is about or my life position. I tried TOO many variants (including Skyfall and others).

Maybe in a 100 years I'll invent it.

So you know I'm a fool. :-)

Posted by H1K0 - August 30th, 2016

I've remixed Summer Loop and Meeting On A Field. If you have already downloaded them, download again. They sound much better.

Posted by H1K0 - May 20th, 2016

Hi there!

So, I've recently completed my composition. It's a true sonata for piano, which I wrote about year ago. And once I decided to arrange it in FL12 demo, and, as you can see, I managed to complete it successfully!

P.S. It's one-piece sonata.

Posted by H1K0 - May 14th, 2016

Hi everyone!

So, today I've successfully finished my second song called Pastoral. The first melody is taken from My first experiment in FL12. It's made in NanoStudio, because I haven't got a full FL yet.

Melody, I think, is nice, but drums, you can see, aren't so various. But I hope you won't pay much attention to it, will you?

P.S. Hope you visit:


Posted by H1K0 - May 7th, 2016

Hi guys!

Today I've decided to try demo FL, because I haven't got the full version yet. It's not many generators and other plugins in demo, but I made it, though. I think, that it's not bad for beginner, but as a musician I think, that I can make music better. But that's only demo and I think, that in full version all will be much better.

Do not judge strictly, it's just an experiment.

But then I gonna complete it full!

Posted by H1K0 - April 16th, 2016


Hi there!

I've recently finished my first song. Now I work in NanoStudio, but I gonna change program and work in FL studio. I can't buy it, though, because it costs 99$ at least. I haven't got so much money yet.

Now something about me.

I'm 13, and I'm studying in musical school. Already ending. I'm a pianist, guitarist and organist. Maybe in future I'll became a drummer.

I wrote my first musical composition at the age of 6. It was just simple waltz for a piano. Then I heard Elton John's songs and wanted to write my song. But I didn't managed to write lyrics and it wasn't succesfully.

Last year, in january, I began playing Geometry Dash. I like it very much! And when I heard Clutterfunk, I decided to learn more about it's author - Waterflame.

One or two weeks later I became a fan of him.

Not so long ago, just 2 months, I found and downloaded NanoStudio. I've spend over 1 month learning about this program.

3 weeks ago I got an idea for my song. I completed it just for 100 seconds, but as I thought, it's too little. I called it The Clutter, but 2 days later I deleted it.

Then I got another idea. This was a short melody in As-dur and it's used in the beginning of my first completed song.

So, about this song.

When I finished 1-st melody, I began thinking about the second melody, because only one melody - it's too little.

I was killing time before my computer. I tried hard to create a nice happy melody, but unsuccesfully. Suddenly it dawned on me! I created so nice (without boasting) melody, so I can't stop listening it! I listened it again and again by 2-3 hours.

So, here's result! Next day after I'd finished it I made cut version of my song for Geometry Dash. Enjoy it!